Do's & Don'ts ?

Ans. Please enter with necessary permits and follow all the jungle rules.:

• Please take services of Nature Guides during nature walk ensuring that you do not lose your way in the forest.
• Drive slow in the Corbett Park. this way you can see, observe and enjoy the most, .
• Follow specified roads and trails. Driving off track cause disturbance to resting animals and their young.
• Respect wild animals and maintain distance from them. Remember, you are at their home and they get first priority.
• Listen peace of the forest instead of your car stereo.
• Wear dull clothes. Bright colours alarm most wild animals and they got wild
• Don’t carry guns and toy guns . Feel free to shoot with a camera .
• Do not smoke or campfires in the park. Accidental fires can burn this jungle.
• Don’t come out from your vehicle at any point in the jungle except where guide allowed. This is for your own safety.
• This is tiger reserve not a zoo, so don’t expect to see wildlife everywhere. Watching a tiger is testing your patience.
• Do not disappoint if you don’t see tiger. There are many other interesting creatures that you can see,
• alcohol and non veg food is not allowed in park.
• Help keep the park pollution free even voice pollution also inside the park, please do,t carry non biodegradable litter (tin cans, metal foils ,plastic etc)

• About Permits & Reservations
Ans. Permits are necessary for entering Corbett Tiger Reserve. If you are looking permits in jim Corbett you for day visit you need to book one month before arrival . for night stay in jungle night halt permits are issued on the CTR Reception Office at Ramnagar .We can book your stay in jim Corbett park
Dhikala forest lounge is best option to stay ,But due to few rooms they are already booked before you reach can also go for canter safari in Dhikala zone .Only tourist who have accommodation in Dhikala can go for safari.
Day visits to Dhikala Tourism zone are not permitted except in conducted safari organized by Corbett. visitors who have prior accommodation reserved can enter Dhikala Zone.

Accommodation/Stay In Dhikala
For night stay are three tourist Lounge in Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani offer accommodation. Dhikala has the maximum bed capacity with a dormitory. lodging is available for tourists at other Forest Rest Houses at Sultan, Sarpduli, Gairal, Kanda and Jhirna. Tourist can stay at the Forest Rest Houses at Rathuadhab, Malani, Lohachaur Halduparao, Mundiapani, Dhela, Khinanauli, Morghatti, Sendhikhal and Morghatti,

More on Forest Rest Houses of Corbett
Make your reservation at least two month prior to arrival ,once your stay is booked in dhikala you can collect your permits from ramnagar(reception Office).

Travelling inside the Corbett Park
Ans. Visitors can travel only by vehicle after entries at reception. Tourists have to hire gypsies from ramnagar available at reception area. Private vehicle are not allowed in park. It is advisable to refuel vehicles before entering the park . Another option is to take a day tour conducted by the Jim Corbett park on a safari bus/Canter. operational only for Dhikala Tourism zone for a ride of max 6 hrs. However, the capacity for ride is limited.

Walking or trekking inside the park is not allowed..
Follow specified roads and trails. Driving off track cause disturbance t o resting animals and their young . driving after sunset is strictly prohibited in park.

Distance table from Corbett Park.
Place Distance(km.)
Amdanda Gate 1
Bijrani 8
Malani 23
Dhangarhi Gate 18
Sultan 23
Gairal 36
Sarpduli 38
Khinanauli 46
Dhikala 51
Durgadevi Gate 26
Lohachaur 43
Rathuadhab (via Durgadevi) 70
Kanda (via Durgadevi) 63
Halduparao 95
Khara 16
Jhirna 23
Kalagarh 40

Visitor food Facilities?
Food in Dhikala/ Canteen
Canteens are located at Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani.Where canteens are not available tourist can carry their eating goods and cook their own their own meals. Non-Veg food and alcohol is banned in national park. Interpretive Facilities and Services Elephant rides offer a unique experience