Jeep Safari is ideal way of exploring the jim Corbett national park.There are number of entry gate to enjoy jeep safari tour in Corbett national park.Bijrani,Jhirna,Durgadevi,Dhikala(No Jeep Is allowed in dhikala without night stay permit), Sitavani (No –Restriction)are main gate for jeep safari .Tourist can enjoy 488 Spices of plants, 115 trees species, 52 species of mammals, 580 bird species and 26 reptile species during jeep safari tour in Corbett park. One safari can carry driver ,guide and 6 guest in one time ,duration of safari is 4 Hours in dance forest of jim Corbett national park. You can book a Jim Corbett jeep safari tour from delhi in advance with skylink.

Jeep Safari Timings

Park Is open in 0600 Hours till 1100 Hours in Morning and 1430 till 1730 Hours in evening.Full day jungle safari tour tourist can stay 1130 till 0100 hours in rest house inside jungle,you can enjoy bird watching meanwhile.

Choosing the Seasons
Winters (September till March):- Days are clear and night get cold (best Time)
Summers (April till June):-Hot Days with pleasant nights best time to watch elephants and tigers .
Monsoon(July till August):-Humid Days and nights in Corbett (good time for flora and bird watching)
Jeep Safari tour Booking
Zone Morning Afternoon Full Day Jeep Safari
Bijrani 25 30 Only 05 Jeeps can be booked for full day
Jhirna 25 25 and it is deducted from Morning Jeep
Durgadevi 15 15 Numbers
Dhikala No Jeep is allowed to the dhikala without Night stay permit.
Sitavani No restriction No restriction No restriction